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About our Web Development Services

At iKompass, we love web development. Our developers take great pride in their work and constantly look for way to make things better for the customer. Whether it is complex ERP system or a simple 2 page website, we make sure that our customer’s love our work. Our main mantra is to consistently exceed our customer’s expectations. We have extensive experience in managing end to end product development lifecycles and bring a wealth of experience in technologies such as PHP, Java, MySQL etc.

We use industry best practices throughout the entire project lifecycle. We understand that no single solution meets all customers. As such, we work closely with our customers in understanding their ever changing requirements and structure our projects to be flexible and adaptable. This is achieved through our unique development methodology which is a combination of Agile and traditional project management methodologies.

Our Offerings

Front-end development

We place a lot of value on user interactions. Our experience is a culmination of years of trial and error in understanding what makes a user click on a certain button. We get to the level of understanding what colors make for a pleasant experience for a user. In addition to user experience, we also cater to how search engines navigate a site. We closely monitor the algorithm changes of search engines and adapt our customers’ sites accordingly.

Back-end development

Our developers are experts in PHP, Java, Ruby and Python. Having developed hundreds of websites, you can be rest assured that your web application or web site incorporates the best coding standards optimized for performance. Whether it is a simple form that needs to be submitted or a complex algorithm to determine variables, our engineers have it covered. In addition to the technical elements, our programmers are well versed in the business side of how users interact with a system.

Deployment and server-set up

Moving from a development server to a staging server and subsequently going live can be a daunting task. With our expert engineers, our customers can rest easy knowing that their deployment is being managed by experts. We have deployed hundreds of applications both across dedicated servers and across cloud technologies.

Performance Optimization

From building a small graphic to incorporating extensive Javascripts, we place tremendous value on performance. We hate it as much as you when a site takes forever to load or an application takes a long time to return results. With techniques such as refactoring, we work diligently in ensuring that our customers’ site or application is performing at the most optimal level possible.

Automated testing and Quality assurance

We are big proponents of automated testing. We believe in catching bugs as early as possible in the development lifecycle. Each of our customers’ projects goes through a rigorous quality assurance process before being handed over for User Acceptance testing. While we aim for a 100% test coverage, technicalities sometimes make it difficult to achieve the target. To compensate, we have a dedicated testing team whose main focus is to make the end deliverable bug free.


We totally understand that it is difficult to exactly specify requirements until a mock-up is ready. Our UI team are great at creating wireframes and mock-ups quickly. For traditional baseline driven projects, our designers can create an entire application with hundreds of mock-ups within a week or two. In addition to the above, we also do:

  • Building a new website
  • Website redesign
  • SEO
  • Site maintenance
  • Website and back-office integration
  • Web 2.0 design and deployment
  • Open source web based CMS
  • Content management systems
  • eCommerce
  • Linux and Windows server hosting
  • Remote back-up and monitoring