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About our Mobile Development Services

At iKompass, we cater to end-to-end requirements for developing mobile applications. Staring with the initial requirements stage to the final deployment, our engineers work diligently with one goal in mind, customer satisfaction. We offer the best in class suite of services for applications development on the iOS and Android platforms. Our development methodology is a blend of agile practices such as SCRUM, XP and lean.

Our customer base constitutes a wide breadth of segments including small businesses and large multi- national companies. With a distributed development model, we are able to ensure that our customers receive the best possible value in terms of costs and quality. While the actual development work including coding happens elsewhere, the requirements gathering and customer facing interface is usually located on site or within reach of the customer.

We have successfully deployed a plethora of mobile applications and our engineers take great pride in bringing a project to life. Each mobile applications project is a challenge and we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations when it comes to delivery. Most of our customers engage us for all their ongoing requirements which we think is a great testament to our quality of work.
For most of our customers, in addition to the app, we also handle requirements gathering, project management, back end services, integration with existing web sites.

What we offer

Android Applications Development for Phones and Tablets

We build applications that can run on Android devices natively. Starting from the story boarding process to complete deployment, we take care of all the nuts and bolts of what goes behind the screen. Our engineers are at the forefront of developments related to the android platform and as such our customers get the most relevant technology and project specific best practices. Below are a few recent projects we built for the Android platform

  • Online ordering Mobile App for a Mexican restaurant chain
  • Employee attendance system mobile app for a LCD manufacturing company
  • An app for a news channel that provides users with the latest updates based on selected favorites
  • An app that reads requires children to read a story and take a test to get to the next story
  • Sharing a teacher’s screen to illustrate concepts to students on their Android phones and tablets
  • An application to streamline the help desk process of a bank
  • An android application to receive Job alerts based on pre-defined role criterion

iPhone/iPad Apps Development

We develop iOS native applications for the iPhone and iPad. In addition to building the apps, we also work with our customers to publish their app in the iTunes Store. Our small team can work seamlessly with enterprise IT teams for large scale deployments. Our engineers have extensive experience with the iOS SDK, all the frameworks, Objective C programming, iCloud integration and all the back end development work. A vast majority of our customers engage with us for multiple synchronous platform development. Our Android engineers and iOS engineers usually spend a considerable amount of time in coordinating their work so that the user experience is relatively predictable on both the platforms. Our customers for iPhone/iPad applications include retailers, schools, hospitals, government organizations, multinational companies and many start-ups.
Below are a few recent projects we built to work on the iPhone and iPad

  • iPhone/iPad application for a University with an interactive map for students
  • Application for a factory to track inventory and trigger alerts
  • Application for a Solar company for its engineers to do real-time statistical calculations
  • Application for a bank to streamline their employee appraisal process
  • Application for a medical supplies company to update their sales numbers in real-time

HTML5 Applications Development

An alternative to native applications development is HTML5 development which entails building a mobile website. The main advantage of HTML5 development is low cost but this usually comes at a tradeoff with user experience and performance. Some projects are best suited for HTML5 and some are not. As part of our initial engagement with our customers, we address the right technology based on the requirements. Our engineers are well versed in the technologies associated with HTML5 development such as JQMobile, PhoneGap etc.

Roles in our Mobile Application Development Projects

The roles listed below are usually project specific and depends on factors such as complexity and duration of the overall project

Agile Project Manager

Every project that we take up is made of an Agile Project Manager. This person is acts as the main liaison for the customer. On large projects, we usually assign a dedicated full time project manager. On smaller projects, our Agile project manager could be working on multiple projects. Our Project Manager also plays the role of a business analyst.

Product Manager

This person is usually from the customer’s organization. Each of our projects has a product manager/owner who plays a big role in the requirements process.


This is where our engineers get to work by rolling up their sleeves. The sprint is usually time-boxed based on an agreed time period such as 2 weeks or 4 weeks or in many cases just 1 week. Our engineers work off the prioritized product backlog which contains the list of features provided by the customer. The focus in each sprint is to have at least 1 functionality which the customer can see and play around with. As a development practice, our engineers use XP and test driven development.

Development Team

Our development team is made of engineers responsible for building the application. We use a distributed model where some of our team members are located in the Philippines, some in India, some in Malaysia and some in Malaysia. The team working on a customer project is constantly connected through a desk-top sharing system and easily accessible to the customer. The distributed model enables us to keep our costs low and pass the benefits to our customers.
Our development team is usually made of:

  • Programmers
  • UI experts
  • Database experts
  • Testers
  • Solution architects


Every 2 weeks (in some projects, every week) our engineers will have something for the customer to see and play around. As part of the demo, customers can get their own testing team to test the functionality and provide us with feedback. Based on the completed functionality, customers may add, change, modify the product list. In addition to the functionality being tested, business logic is reviewed as well.